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With the uncontrollable ride of the cosmetic clinic London industry taking off with UK-approved cosmetic surgery hitting Harley street at the beginning of 2020

One of the biggest understatements in history might be to say that 2020 was uncontrollable. The cosmetic clinic London industry, in particular, was subject to a runaway train of unexpected events. The adoption of a digital lifestyle and a nearly entirely private at-home existence occurred at the same time. People now spend more time than ever looking at themselves on camera. Therefore, the demand was intensely personal, emotional, and unleashed when plastic surgery treatments were ultimately approved in the UK.

The best pick-me-up for enhancing your appearance and increasing your confidence is Harley Street beauty and skin treatments. What to anticipate at your initial London aesthetics clinic session may be on your mind if you’re thinking about getting your first skin treatment. It’s totally normal to experience some anxiety when visiting our London clinic for the first time.

Cosmetic surgery has a long history of being linked to self-improvement and vanity along with skin care, which isn’t always a bad thing. Why not employ the pros at your disposal if you’re not content with the way you look or want to modify a certain skin issue area? There are hidden health benefits that are frequently not addressed as quickly as a snapshot judgement, though, for those who continue to question the necessity and validity of cosmetic and plastic laser surgery treatment. While cosmetic laser skin surgery treatment is completely acceptable in every sense of the term to help you feel better about yourself, even some of the most well-liked laser skin procedures have advantages for your health and body that we believe you should be aware of. We are committed to giving each and every one of our patient’s exceptional care and to treating them in a quiet, professional setting. The superiority of our clinicians, equipment, and range of treatments are only a few examples of how we constantly aim for the highest quality standards at our cosmetic skin clinic. Every patient also matters to our leading Harley street London administrative team.

Let’s dive in and examine the journey of aesthetic treatment, from the initial London clinic consultation to the aftercare procedure.

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Insecurities and a desire for change

Harley Street aesthetic treatments are often seen by patients as a luxury London health and wellness clinic service that gives them a boost of confidence and self-esteem and good skin. Many people, however, struggle with severe physical fears that can become crippling and all-consuming. For these people, wanting to significantly alter their appearance may be something they’ve been thinking about for ages. In order to put our patients at ease and address their fears, hopes, and concerns during the clinic consultation process, it’s critical that we, the aesthetic professional, can play an emotionally supportive role. This is true regardless of why our client is getting Botox® or filler even laser treatments. Patients have invested a lot of time in researching facilities and providers because London clinic aesthetic treatments are expensive. They have entrusted us with a substantial aesthetic surgical treatment that they think will best enhance and improve their quality of life by choosing our London Face Lab Aesthetics clinic.

Choosing an aesthetician

The most important stage in your surgical cosmetic journey is without a doubt choosing the best facility and aesthetics specialist to do your non-surgical treatment. There are many things to think about, and certain clinics might be better suited to your requirements and aesthetic surgical objectives than others. However, at Face Lab Aesthetics, we uphold these essential principles to guarantee the best experience and outcomes for your initial clinic aesthetics appointment. Here are some critical points to consider when you enter our clinic and the principles we will uphold toward everyone who enters.

Clinic cleanliness – How clean a clinic is directly connected to the quality of service you can anticipate. Before beginning treatment, ask for a tour of the clinic facility to help you relax and build confidence in our ability to help you. 

Treatments available – Although you might have a certain operation in mind, it is our responsibility to make sure you realise that you have a variety of treatment options and to be able to best advise you on which surgery or set of procedures would help you achieve your unique aesthetic goals.

Expertise – Any aesthetic clinic treatment has a great deal of responsibility and should only be carried out by a licenced medical practitioner. Additionally, it is a huge field that frequently advances new styles of treatment. Because of this, we will constantly provide evidence of our ongoing commitment to the aesthetic clinic sector. 

Reviews – With the help of social media and websites with authenticated testimonials, contemporary technology is an effective research tool when picking an aesthetics London clinic, like Face Lab Aesthetics. Therefore, before making a decision, please take some time to read our verified client evaluations. Then, when you are ready, contact our clinic. and book anytime your cosmetic treatment.

The initial clinic consultation

Your first encounter with a Face Lab Aesthetics practitioner will be during a clinic consultation, which is a great chance to address any worries or apprehensions you may have regarding your initial aesthetics visit. The steps for your Face Lab Aesthetics consultation are as follows:

Medical history: A full account of one’s physical, psychological, and any past history of substance use. 

Aesthetic history: Information about any prior facial skin cosmetic procedures and a few basic lifestyle inquiries. 

Risk evaluation – As part of our responsibility as Face Lab Aesthetics professionals, our aesthetician will undertake a risk assessment to investigate your psychological motivations for receiving treatment.

Expected outcomes – Our clinician will thoroughly grasp the outcomes you hope to achieve and collaborate with you to set reasonable goals for your aesthetic surgery treatment. 

Potential risks and side effects – Our practitioner will go through any potential issues in detail with you if any, but you will also have the chance to ask any questions or voice any worries you may have regarding your initial treatment session for aesthetics.

Preparing for your clinic appointment

Detailed instructions on how to get ready for your first facial aesthetics treatment session will be given to you during the consultation phase, but there are some general treatment guidelines to follow for any injectable procedure, including:

In the 48 hours prior to your facial treatment, abstain from alcohol. 

Before going to the clinic, be sure to drink lots of water. 

Avoid using skincare or makeup that can irritate your skin or interfere with your facial treatment. 

Ibuprofen and other blood-thinning medicines should not be taken prior to treatment as they may worsen bruising.

The Harley Street London treatment 

It’s normal to experience some anxiety before your first facial aesthetics appointment, but making a plan for your day will help to calm those jitters and relax you before coming to our clinic. To avoid any stress associated to travel, get plenty of rest the night before, maybe select to treat yourself to a massage, drink lots of water in the morning to stay hydrated, and allow plenty of time to reach your appointment on time.

The entire facial treatment session, which should last about an hour, will likely be spent checking in, going over the process with our aesthetician, and, if necessary, applying a numbing cream and waiting for it to take full effect. Our aesthetician will use a needle to inject the filler beneath the skin at the proper location on the neck or face. Although it could be a little uncomfortable, it shouldn’t hurt. While the length of the facial treatment procedure varies on the size of the area being treated, it is unlikely to be longer than 20 minutes.

Post-procedure cosmetic surgery aftercare

Our clinician will take the time to walk you through the aftercare facial treatment process and procedures to maximise the best outcomes of your procedure once your injections have been successfully administered. While the likelihood of side effects is very low, it is crucial to exercise particular caution in the days immediately following facial treatment. It’s far more probable that you’ll experience a quick recovery and lovely results if you keep your face clear of makeup, remain out of the sun, and avoid applying any pressure to the treated skin region.

Things to Know About London cosmetic clinic Aesthetic Procedures

If you are considering facial skin cosmetic operations but have never undergone surgery, it’s crucial to know what to expect and to have a realistic understanding of what surgical and non-surgical aesthetic facial treatment procedures may accomplish. We will provide you with some information on what you should know before having any facial skin operations with Face Lab Aesthetics here.

After the procedure, the outcomes might not be seen right away.

Any facial treatment procedure should not be expected to provide results right away. For the majority of procedures, it could be required to wait days or even months before the intended outcomes show up. Therefore, keep in mind that you must exercise patience following surgery and allow enough time for the full impact of the results to become apparent.

Do you have any inquiries? ASK. The doctors will advise you to ask any questions that you wish.

Doctors/surgeons want patients to ask questions, regardless of how big or minor the facial treatment is,  So be sure to inquire if you have any general or specific questions regarding any facial skin operations. Surgeons want you to have a fine experience as they help you attain the desired look.

Having cosmetic surgery is not a fundamental issue and is not something you should feel ashamed of.

Sometimes, people can be shy. When it comes to aesthetic treatment, this is also accurate. This shouldn’t be the case, though. You, as a person, are the only one who can decide what you want and how you want to appear, therefore you shouldn’t worry about how you get it or how other people will react. Additionally, there is a very obvious fact that should not be disregarded: some outcomes require the assistance of an aesthetic technique. For instance, dietary changes or exercise alone will not make stubborn fat go. Because of this, liposuction is suggested as the best treatment and is actually used.

Contrary to popular belief, men seek aesthetic operations more frequently than you would think.

Statistics show that the majority of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments are still performed on women. But more and more guys are also looking for beauty laser treatment remedies. Therefore,  due to social media and changes within our ever-evolving social environments. This is changing with time as there are lots of males who benefit from these laser treatment procedures as well, especially now in 2022.

The secret lies in setting reasonable goals.

Aesthetic treatments can assist you in best addressing a number of physical flaws or irregularities, but they cannot correct all of them. Because any cosmetic procedure reflects your interior feelings, such as whether you’re young, daring, powerful, etc. However, if you rely solely on cosmetic enhancements to make it physically flawless, you’ll render it impossible. Everyone has distinctive physical characteristics, so you should embrace them rather than try to change them to be “perfect.”

When you want an aesthetic operation, it should be offered to you.

It’s critical that patients get the outcomes they desire. However, since you are the one who wants this, an aesthetic treatment procedure should be done. It will not be in your best interest to get surgery if you are only interested in the concept because a friend or family member desires it.

Keep in mind that the majority of the patients are similar to you.

Like you, most people seeking cosmetic surgery treatment have a career and a family. They occasionally experience stress. They come to our clinic here to feel more vibrant, youthful, and joyful. A commonly accepted false belief is that surgical and non-surgical beauty treatment operations are only for the wealthy and well-known.

Take full advantage of your appointment.

Be sure to discuss with our professional during your consultation any queries or worries you may have about any operation. Your aesthetic surgery will go more smoothly and comfortably if you have a skilled doctor and trust him.

The advantages of breast reduction for health

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, about 4,000 women chose to have their breasts reduced in 2017. This may be due to the increasing popularity of the “teardrop” breast form, the rise in popularity of smaller, perkier breasts, or just the fact that more women are becoming aware of their options for breast reduction. While we do not endorse or encourage patients to have surgery done for the purpose of style or as a passing fad, we do recognise that breast reduction is the best option for many people who have uncomfortable breasts. Your entire torso’s appearance may change after a breast reduction in London. Falling breasts or those experiencing atrophy frequently push the upper abdominal tissue downward, giving the impression that there is more belly than there would be if the breasts were perkier or resting normally. Additionally, this alters how clothing fits, affecting dress size and what you think flatters (or does not, depending on the situation) your form. While breast reduction for women may alter how you view yourself and your level of confidence, it can offer health advantages and discomfort relief. Breasts that are atrophic or simply overly large can be quite unpleasant because they tilt the body downward.

They pull them down into a continual stoop, stiffening the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back. Even routine activities like wearing a bra, working out, or even just walking quickly can cause physical discomfort and embarrassment for a woman with larger breasts. Yeast infections or chronic areas beneath the breasts, where natural skin oils and sweat are pushed together between breast and body, can also be brought on by enlarged breasts. By redistributing and removing excess weight, straightening the posture, and reducing the breasts’ capacity to cause skin irritations and friction lesions, a breast reduction can alleviate this strain on the back, neck, and shoulders.

 Micro needling reduces tension headaches

Microneedling can serve a similar purpose to acupuncture, which has been used for thousands of years to alleviate tension headaches and migraines. Similar to acupuncture, it targets specific parts of the skin with the use of tiny needles to exert pressure. But unlike acupuncture, the aesthetic technician may treat a bigger area of the skin since these tiny needles are applied to the skin using a unique tool. In terms of aesthetics, the barely perceptible needle marks cause the body to experience a nerve reaction, which promotes the formation of collagen and elastin in the “wounded” areas and gives the skin a naturally youthful appearance. Ask your aesthetician to concentrate on your temples when using the device if you frequently experience stress headaches; the pressure from the tiny needles may assist stimulate your nerve endings and prevent headaches from occurring.

Dermal fillers can treat eye injuries and remove skin scars

By “filling” the lines with a concentrated form of hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the formation of collagen and produces long-lasting benefits, dermal fillers are commonly used to minimise skin wrinkles. 

However, the ‘fountain of youth’ component can also be utilised to treat a variety of illnesses. 

The fillers accomplish the same thing when injected into scars, wounds, or tiny pockmarks: they fill in the spaces and leave skin looking smooth and young. In addition to being used to treat cataracts, hyaluronic acid is frequently employed in eye surgery to replace the natural fluids used in corneal and retinal transplants.

The advantages of rhinoplasty for health (or nose job)

A rhinoplasty also referred to as a “nose job,” modifies your nose’s shape for a more attractive appearance. Many patients choose to have a surgical rhinoplasty due to ridges or lumps on the bridge of their nose, a “hook” or downward-pointing nose projection, or to fix something that has been accidentally or intentionally broken. Since the nose is the most visible feature of the face and sits immediately between the eyes, many patients believe that it is too noticeable even when merely interacting with others. A nose job in London may alter how you and others perceive your face, affecting social interactions and your self-image. However, rhinoplasty has additional advantages besides this.

When carried out by a skilled surgeon, a surgical nose job is also effective at resolving breathing issues. For instance, a deviated septum is when the wall dividing the two nostril chambers falls unevenly to one side, preventing breathing through the affected nostril. Many patients discover that they are not snoring or can breathe much more comfortably than they did before a rhinoplasty has healed.

The advantages of liposuction for health

For people who struggle with persistent pockets of fat that resist diet and exercise, liposuction is a common treatment. Over 2,000 persons (men and women combined) chose liposuction last year, according to the same BAAPS poll. While liposuction is renowned for removing fat from trouble spots like the thighs and abdomen, it also has unnoticed health advantages that support the health of your heart. Because the fat is removed during liposuction, patients frequently discover that their general body weight decreases, which lessens their chance of developing cardiac issues.

You put less stress on your heart when you weigh less, which lowers your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Similar to this, those who are lighter also have lower blood pressure, better cholesterol control, and less wear and tear on their joints, such as their knees. The icing on the liposuction cake is that this type of total fat removal frequently gives some patients the push they need to continue living a healthy lifestyle and exercising more, retaining their results for the most advantageous financial end.


There is no denying that undergoing cosmetic skin treatments from a licenced practitioner in a clean, safe setting has a number of positive effects on one’s mental health. Your comfort level and the likelihood of being happy with the best results will increase the more questions you can ask your surgeon and the more you can collaborate with them. Always keep in mind that getting cosmetic skin treatments is a personal decision. Only proceed if you are confident in your ability to pay for it and if you are completely satisfied at every turn. Therefore, it’s crucial to remember that while skin or laser treatments might change the appearance of your face, they don’t always work like magic, and occasionally, concerns may have more to do with low self-esteem than any actual skin problem.

Therefore, you need to be certain that whatever it is you wish to change is not anything more deeply ingrained than that and that having skin or laser treatments would help you go through it. Yes, they can help you feel better about yourself and more confident in the way you look. But going to the doctor armed with a photo of Kylie Jenner’s lips is absolutely not the right course of action after a breakup or because you think getting lip fillers would help you gain more Instagram followers!