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The Benefits of Lip Filler

Lip Filler

Lip filler is an injectable dermal filler that is inserted in your lips and around the mouth. There are several different types of lip filler available, which are safe and long-lasting when performed by the professionals at Face Lab Aesthetics. If you’ve wanted to try lip fillers but keep putting it off, we’d urge you to consider all the possible benefits.

Fillers can improve the way your lips look because they increase volume, improve structure, and tone the shape of your natural lips. Each lip filler treatment generally lasts about six months, and effectiveness improves with each additional treatment.

Our doctors have complete control of how much volume is added to your lips, allowing for a precise, naturalistic amount to be added to your lips. These treatments can be given to you on a gradual basis across multiple appointments. This prevents you from having too much filler put into your lips at one time.

Fillers are also able to correct any bumps or lumps that appear on your lips. Filler helps to smooth out all of these problems, and give you that plump, lively look you crave. Since these fillers are similar to what is naturally found in the body, very few people have any type of reaction to them. With our guidance and consummate attention to detail, you’ll never be let down by Face Lab Aesthetics.