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All About Cheek Enhancement

Cheek Enhancement

If you feel like the area around your cheeks could be a little fuller and have more volume, then cheek filler may be just the solution for you. This type of filler is an injection that adds or restores volume under the skin that can help smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines. It also gives you the appearance of a bone structure that appears to be more defined.
There are a few different options for cheek enhancement offered at Face Lab Aesthetics.

The biggest difference between the fillers is the material that is used in it. Polylactic and hyaluronic acid are the two most commonly recommended solutions for cheek enhancement. This is a temporary solution that can last anywhere from six months to two years. It integrates with skin as a natural component, and dissolves into your skin over time.
There are many benefits to cheek filler which includes that they require almost no anesthesia and can be done right in the clinic.

The recovery time is fast, and most people can resume normal activity as soon as they leave the clinic. The amount of the filler can be gradually increased until you get your desired result. This is also a less expensive and less extreme option than plastic surgery. Cheek filler has very minimal risks and can create a brand new beautiful face for you. Similar techniques can also be used for a beautifying chin enhancement. To learn more, just reach out to us at Face Lab Aesthetics.