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Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment Options

Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles under your eyes are one of the most frustrating but inevitable parts of the aging process. When you add crow’s feet into the wrinkle mix, it is enough to make anyone feel old when they look at themselves in the mirror. The bad news is you may not be able to avoid these types of wrinkles. The good news is there are tools and under eye wrinkle treatment options available from Face Lab Aesthetics, to help diminish the wrinkles you see.

One of the best ways to combat wrinkles under your eyes is to produce collagen. As the body ages, its ability to produce collagen slows down and that diminishes the look of smooth skin. In addition to wrinkles under your eyes, you may begin to have age spots, dark circles, hollowing, and puffiness around your eyes.

One potential treatment we offer is to use an anti-wrinkle crow’s feet eliminator. This solution relaxes the muscles and helps to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles. It is important to get the correct amount of solution so that the wrinkles are diminished but you do not look stiff after the procedure. This is a temporary solution usually lasting about three to four months. However, many see improvements in as little as three to four days after the procedure. The procedure takes only about 30 minutes and most people can resume normal activity right after leaving the clinic.

Alternatively, an under eye filler is another great way to diminish the look of wrinkles around the eyes. Fillers will cancel out the effects of hollowing and dark circles caused by aging, giving the area around your eyes a fuller, more youthful appearance. However you want to address your under eye wrinkles, Face Lab Aesthetics is here to help you.