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What is Male Jawline Contouring?

Jawline Contouring

Most people, not just women, have a desire to look more youthful and attractive. Jawline contouring by Face Lab Aesthetics is a perfect way to accomplish this, and can completely change the look of your face. There are usually some distinctions between a male face and a female face. It is important to understand those distinctions when considering male jawline contouring. Typically, for male jawline contouring, angles and straight lines are created to enhance the structure of the bone.

When someone does not have a distinct jaw line, it may appear as though they have extra fat in their neck and face and sagging jowls. All of this can be corrected with an in-clinic and non-invasive process with dermal fillers injected under the skin. Anti-wrinkle treatment for men can also be used to change the look of your face by enhancing the jaw. Keep in mind when talking about these procedures, the term filler does not typically apply to anti-wrinkle treatment. They are two different solutions, and which one is better will depend on your preferences and the unique qualities of your face.

During male jawline contouring, fillers allow volume to be added to the jawline which then sculpts and contours the lower part of the face. Anti-wrinkle treatment for men is also a great alternative for facial contouring. Using anti-wrinkle treatment allows the masseter muscle to relax, giving the bottom portion of the face a thinner, more shapely look. It can also help with conditions such as TMJ, grinding of your teeth, chronic headaches, and other pain.

Typically, any healthy male is a great candidate for these procedures and will see improvement to their jaw. Factors such as the elasticity of your skin, your facial structure, and your own goals will drive how improved your jaw will look to you. Your results will vary from those of others who have had the same procedure, however, the results could last up to two years. We can give you a better estimate of how long the results may last after we have a consultation with you. Reach out to Face Lab Aesthetics today to find out more.